How to Have the Best Single Valentine’s Day Ever

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your outlook, February is upon us. For those if us in relationships, this is exciting! For this of us who do not have a significant other, including myself, the thought of Valentine’s Day creeping up can become a bit depressing…daunting…annoying…any number of things. But have no fear! Luckily, I am pretty experienced with singleness, so I am determined to make sure we all have a super fun Valentine’s Day regardless of relationship status. First step: we’re going to rename this holiday Galentine’s Day.

Here are some ideas for a wonderful “Galentine’s Day” which will help you love and embrace both yourself and your single life! (PS: I know that February 14th falls on a Thursday, so if any of these things sound fun to you but won’t exactly fit into your mid-week schedule, take a raincheck and celebrate a belated Galentine’s Day over the weekend!)

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Easy Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

We’d all like to think we’re generous: we hold doors for people or hand a few dollars to the homeless man on the corner of the freeway exit. Some affiliate themselves with every charity they can get their hands on, while others feel that anything they could do would have no effect in such an aching world.

No matter where you are on the spectrum, keep reading. For those who have hearts bigger than the Atlantic, you will jump at the chance to do some good. And for the skeptics, take a real look at what I am about to show you – your actions, now matter how big or small, can have an effect.

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Loving Through the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

Every day, I get up and I try to love people. My family, my friends, my neighbors, even strangers. To treat all with kindness is my goal.

It’s easy to love when everything is going well. It’s easy to toss compassion around like confetti when life is good. When things are going just how I want, I feel like I have an infinite capacity to do good. I’m holding doors, throwing out compliments, saying hello to everyone. But how do we love when things are not so good? When people hurt us? When things in life fall apart? When getting up in the morning and putting on a smile is the last thing we want to do?

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