How to Have the Best Single Valentine’s Day Ever

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your outlook, February is upon us. For those if us in relationships, this is exciting! For this of us who do not have a significant other, including myself, the thought of Valentine’s Day creeping up can become a bit depressing…daunting…annoying…any number of things. But have no fear! Luckily, I am pretty experienced with singleness, so I am determined to make sure we all have a super fun Valentine’s Day regardless of relationship status. First step: we’re going to rename this holiday Galentine’s Day.

Here are some ideas for a wonderful “Galentine’s Day” which will help you love and embrace both yourself and your single life! (PS: I know that February 14th falls on a Thursday, so if any of these things sound fun to you but won’t exactly fit into your mid-week schedule, take a raincheck and celebrate a belated Galentine’s Day over the weekend!)

Take a day for yourself. Sleep in late, eat breakfast in bed, start a new TV show or have a movie day, put on a face mask, paint your nails, read a book, journal — really go all out with it. You’re worth it!

Make a list of things that you love about yourself. Sometimes, I do this when I feel insecure, but it sounds like an even better idea to do this just to feel great about yourself! You can start small with things like, “I love the color of my hair,” and work your way up to the big things like, “I love the way I selflessly serve others,” or, “I love the way I work hard so that I can achieve my dreams and make the world a better place.”

Buy yourself a treat. For me, this would be a latte from my favorite coffee shop because I usually try to make coffee at home to save money. But, if you’re a Starbs regular, do something new and special! Stop by a cupcake shop, get a bouquet of flowers, buy a nice bottle of champagne — anything that will make both you and the day feel special!

If you’re going out, dress up! Put on your favorite dress, a cute new pair of shoes, or even some lipstick! Looking your best will help you feel your best so you can walk around knowing that you are Carrie-Bradshaw-level-fabulous, with or without a significant other.

Galentine’s Brunch! I freaking love brunching for any occasion, but I think this occasion is an especially good one. Gather up some gal pals, put on some cute festive outfits, and hit the town. Take cute pics with each other to remember and share how thankful you to are to have a supportive #girlsquad, with or without a serious relationship in your life.

Spread the love! I love making little Galentine’s gifts for my friends to let them know how much I value them. I get so much joy out of planning out something creative and hand-delivering unexpected presents! This year, I gave my friends little Trader Joe’s succulents with tags that said, “My life would SUCC without you.”

REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE LOVED. Single or dating or engaged or married or heartbroken or anything in between, you are LOVED. You are absolutely adored by your Father in Heaven. You are seen, you are known, and you are cherished. Not just on February 14th, but everyday.

….. ….. …..

See?! Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to totally suck. If we as single gals can choose to view the day as an opportunity to love ourselves and the supportive gals in our lives a little extra, our hearts will be too full to even notice that we don’t have a significant other buying us mediocre grocery store chocolate.

I really hope that I’ve encouraged all you lovely gals to have an awesome Galentine’s Day! I am so thankful for all of my supportive female readers, and I hope you all know just how loved you are!

Talk to you soon,


Author: Young and Joyful Blog

Writer, worshipper, college student, & coffee enthusiast livin' life for Jesus!

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