Apps to Help You Maintain Your New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year, everyone! 

I’m assuming most of you have jotted down a few of those infamous New Year’s Resolutions. Good for you! Personally, I love setting goals.

The truth is, though, that we don’t always meet those goals. I took a look at my list of last year’s resolutions the other day, and I only sorta met 6 of the ten goals on the list. Although I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t more successful in 2018, I realizes that I still made 6 major improvements in my life! For example, I made spending time with God a regular and important part of my day-to-day. I got more of my writing published and I took better care of my hair. I became proficient in French, I wrote new music, and I became more comfortable with taking risks. I’d call that a win!

The point of all this: be realistic with your resolutions, and don’t stress if  you can’t check them all off. We’re humans, not robots! Life is not so black and white as meeting and not meeting resolutions. So, set goals that are more abstract instead of so minute that slipping up one day means you’ve already failed.

For example, one of my 2019 resolutions is to make fitness and exercise a normal and enjoyable part of my life. I could’ve decided on exercise every day or cut sweets out of my diet, but am I realistically going to stick with either of those long-term? NO! Chances are I will eat ice cream again or I definitely will not feel like sweating every single day. Instead, I’m setting my focus upon discovering methods of exercise that I enjoy and that are good for me (like yoga), setting myself up for success when it comes to buying groceries, and making healthy choices, but indulging with my friends sometimes and loving my body for where I’m at while encouraging myself to improve. 

With that being said, I urge you to revamp your resolutions if they’re proving a bit unrealistic for your specific lifestyle. I am a tried and true fan of setting, chasing, and reaching goals, but let’s set ourselves up for success this time!

Whether or not your list of New Year’s Resolutions needs a tune-up, I’ve found some awesome apps to help you crush whatever you’re trying for in 2019. From faith to fitness to mental health, I believe that the right tools can make all the difference in our lives. Keep reading for a list of 5 apps to help you make the most of this year!

Awesome Apps to Keep Crushing Your New Year's Resolutions

HabitMinder: I’m a checklist kind of person. If I do not have some kind of system, things will not get done. HabitMinder allows you to focus on the habits you’d like to implement, like drinking 64 ounces of water or making your bed each day. If it’s a one-time task, check it off when you’re done; if it’s a continual job, track as you go! (This has helped me drink more water throughout the day and as a result, my frequent headaches have completely disappeared!) If you’re especially prone to forget, set reminders through the app and alert yourself once, twice, or even ten times throughout the day!

Headspace: Need some mental clarity? Download headspace for a calmer, more stress-free day. The app introduces you to guided meditation and helps you get better as you continue to practice. I’ve returned to this app more times than I can count because, if even for a short time, training your mind to slow down can be incredibly beneficial for achieving other goals too!

Fabulous: Trying to reset your morning routine? Look no further! Step by step, Fabulous teaches you healthy habits and reminds you to practice them in order to build a better day. From the moment you wake up, this app guides you in which behaviors to practice and why they will improve your lifestyle.

Lifesum: If you’re Type-A like me, you’ll enjoy the simplicity of this app. While it is designed to count calories, it has a number of other useful features if you’re not one to dwell on every morsel you eat. Track your servings of fruits and vegetables, how much water you drink, your exercise, your weight, even how well you’re eating in regards to the foods you’re eating and how much you eat them. I recommend this app as a means to better insight on what you’re putting in your body and how it affects you!

First 5: I’ve talked about this app in a previous post, 3 (Free!) Apps to Help You Fit God Into Your Crazy Schedulebut I enjoy and use it so much that I’m raving about it again! If you are looking to fit small bits of God’s Word into your day in all those random places – at the bus stop, during your lunch break, while you’re waiting to meet someone – I’d recommend you start here. Begin by choosing one of the numerous plans the app has available to readers, from Genesis to the Gospels. One chapter of Scripture, a brief but insightful devotional, and a short prayer will leave you feeling more in step with God after just five minutes!

***   ***   ***

That’s all for today, friends! Keep crushing those resolutions, and don’t forget to give yourself some grace in the process. Talk to you soon,



Author: Young and Joyful Blog

Writer, worshipper, college student, & coffee enthusiast livin' life for Jesus!

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  1. Oooh thank you for sharing! I’m checking out Fabulous in particular: one of my goals this year is to stick to a morning routine, and that sounds like an app that’ll help!

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