5 Christmas Gifts Perfect for the Travel Lover

Hello, friends! It is officially my favorite time of year!

While we all know that Christmas is absolutely not about getting presents, I still enjoy the tradition because I just love giving gifts and will look for any excuse to do so.

After the last 4 months of traveling Europe, I thought it was only fitting to do a gift guide for all the travel-lovers out there! Here are a whole bunch of awesome items that would be both functional and stylish while on the go!

…..     …..     ….. 

Luggage tags: This is such an easy and affordable gift, and any travel guru would love a cute set because they are absolutely essential when it comes to flying! I own these gold ones and have gifted the pastel set to a friend, and I can say that both sets have been great! Or, try this cute marbled set for a minimalistic look. If you want fewer than or more than three, check out these adorable individual tags from Bando!

Travel-Inspired Calendar: I’ve gifted this World Traveler wall calendar before, and my friend absolutely adored it! The illustrations are beautiful, it inspires some serious wanderlust, and, well…who doesn’t need a calendar? Another cute take on this idea is this desktop maps calendar!

Weekender Bag: Every gal on the go needs a good piece of luggage for her shorter trips. This bag is well-priced compared to similar items out there, it holds up well (I would know after toting around Europe for the past four months), and it looks great on your shoulder! I love that it has a separate compartment on the bottom for shoes.  It comes in several colors, including black, a deep reddish-purple, and olive green, and I have been loving the brown. This bag doesn’t even have to be a gift for a gal; it can totally work for any guy in your life too!

Travel Planner: How CUTE is this thing? This travel planner from Bando is designed specifically for organizing all your travel plans. It includes year-at-a-glance pages, packing lists, daily planning spaces, stickers, postcards to send from your destinations, a map page, a language converter, and more. Just looking at this planner makes me want to travel! Any adventurous girl in your life would love this darling gift. 

Cute Hat: Every travelin’ lady needs a good hat to toss in her suitcase! I’ve learned from all my travels that it’s so nice to have one with me for bad hair days, cold weather days, hot weather days…basically all the days. Hats are also great for when you get off a long flight and feel kinda ick but still want to pull yourself together to make the most of your trip. Moral of the story: get a gal a hat! If she’s trendy, check out the new “sailor cap” style, maybe in a classic black or a tan corduroy. If she’s a little more classic, a floppy wide-brim is always a great option! And if she’s super feminine, go for a wool beret

cover photo from maisondepax.com

That’s all for this gift guide, and I hope that someone in your life who loves to travel like I do will be the recipient of one of these great gifts! 

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!


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