Favorite Gifts That I Gave (and Received) This Christmas

Once again, Christmas has come and gone. As sad as that makes me (a devoted Christmas lover), I want to share the highlights of my Christmas with you in hopes that it might make gift-giving that much easier for you next year! Here are my favorite gifts both given and received from this Christmas (but in all the excitement, don’t forget the reason for the season, folks)!


The best gifts I gave included items for the traveler friend, the teenage guy that no one ever knows how to shop for, the trendy gal, and the makeup lover.

These adorable pastel luggage tags and this travel-inspired 2018 desk calendar are both from Amazon and very affordable!

Now, for the boy. I never, ever, know how to shop for a boy because I have grown up in a house with two little sisters. Thankfully, Amazon came to the rescue with a great long-sleeved Adidas shirt – a great basic for someone athletic.

On Black Friday at Target, I stumbled upon this awesome pom-pom beanie. The fun color is a nice change from your typical black beanie, making it a bit more feminine but still very bold. Beware, it is tempting to keep this fun piece for yourself.

Now for the beauty guru. These products are not only from great, well-known brands, but are of amazing quality. The Morphe 350 eyeshadow palette is incredibly pigmented with 35 awesome shades to choose from, and the Smashbox Spotlight Palette, which I purchased in the lighter of the two options (Pearl), is the perfect super-sparkly present for your glam friends.



And now for the goodies I received from my wonderful friends and family:

My Mom bought me a beautiful silver Anne Klein watch that I adore! I wear watches more than any other type of jewelry and I did not own a silver one yet, so she nailed it with this gift. She continued with the wardrobe gifts with a cream Gap puffer vest – cute, warm, and wintery. Great job, Mom!

Now for my coolest (and nerdiest) gift from this Christmas: an Ancestry DNA Kit. You’ve probably seen the commercials for these; you spit in the tube, send it back to the lab, and then receive a 100% accurate breakdown of your genetics! My family is a whole jumbled bunch of different nationalities, so I am dying to know what makes up Brooke!

Now onto my (not so) lovely locks. This Chi hair straightener was not a first-time buy for my family; in fact, it was my sister’s birthday gift just a few months ago. When I came home for Thanksgiving, I had forgotten my straightener at school and was forced to use hers – I’m so glad I did, because this iron worked quickly, efficiently, and did not damage my hair like hot tools so often do. Now I have one of my own!

A friend and I have a major obsession with Lush. It’s is what we buy each other for every Christmas, birthday, graduation, etc. This Christmas, she gave me the Deck the Halls gift set, a beautifully pre-wrapped box full of amzing-smellling bathtub goodies! While I can’t convey to you through a computer screen how wonderful these products are, I trust that you will take my word for it.

My best friend from high school gave me this gift just earlier today: a super soft knitted throw from Target! No exaggerations, this is one of the best blankets I have ever owned. It’s great quality, beautiful, and too cozy for my own good. (It may or may not have been on my lap for the past six hours.)



Clearly, I have the coolest people in my life because they are willing not only to put up with me, but to make me feel so loved with such amazing gifts. I must say, though, that no matter how awesome unwrapping presents is, I will always love giving presents more. Call me cheesy, but there’s nothing like the excitement of knowing that you’ve found the perfect gift for someone you love.

Until next time, friends, Merry Christmas!

Author: Young and Joyful Blog

Writer, worshipper, college student, & coffee enthusiast livin' life for Jesus!

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