3 (Free!) Apps to Help You Fit God Into Your Crazy Schedule

If you are anything like me, you do not exactly have time each day to sit down and read all of Exodus. You mean well and want to spend intentional time with God, but you only have small bits to spare throughout your day. Well good news: I have 3 free apps that will allow you to utilize those small bits of time in a way that will help you to grow closer to God. Quick, free Jesus – what could be better?

#1: YouVersion Bible


Everyone needs a Bible app on his or her phone! This one provides the option of having a swipe-down verse of the day in the iPhone Notification Center. It allows you to roam around the Bible freely, highlighting and making notes as you go. It’s not just for reading, though: it has a wide variety of prayer, reading, and devotional plans to choose from. They are all free, you can search through an abundance of topics, and they also have audio plans! YouVersion’s many uses allows you to utilize the app for whatever purpose you need.

I prefer YouVersion for its verse of the day feature, as well as for its prayer plans when I am struggling a specific issue.

#2: She Reads Truth


She Reads Truth, an app targeted at women, also provides a Bible to read, highlight, and note freely; its unique feature lies with its scripture reading plans. In any plan, each day focuses on reading a few chapters of scripture before diving deeper into it with a devotional. Many of the scripture reading plans are free; however, many are not – one downside to an otherwise awesome app. Another plus, though: you can download any of the beautiful free lockscreens on the app. This app also links you to a community of Christian women who are walking the same journey with God that you are, and there are many ways to connect with the other She Reads Truth users through the app.The SRT community even creates physical scripture study books to purchase and have delivered to your home, so if you’re looking for a more concrete way to approach Bible study, look no further. In fact, a large point in using the app and joining the community revolves around utilizing these study books. This app is definitely more serious about diving into the Bible than YouVersion.

I use She Reads Truth when I’m looking for more unique, specialized, and in-depth Biblical discovery.

#3: First 5


The First 5 app from Proverbs 31 Ministries is probably my favorite of the three because of how quick, easy, and realistic it is to use in everyday life. It really does only take 5 minutes to use this app: you read one chapter of the Bible a day, either from a plan they already have running, or from a plan you can choose on your own. (For example, when I downloaded the app recently, the First 5 community – very similar to that of She Reads Truth – was working through Job. Instead of jumping in halfway, I chose to start with a different plan focused on 1 and 2 Samuel on my own.) Each day’s Biblical chapter comes with a brief devotional explaining the day’s scripture for clarity and relating its significance to modern life, as well as a prayer based upon the topic of the reading. The break-down of the program makes it very possible to squeeze in some Jesus time whenever possible, or to do multiple chunks throughout the day. It has never been so easy to be consistent! This one is my favorite because everything is free, I can go at my own pace so I don’t get overwhelmed or burnt out, I can jump around the Bible with no limits, and the First 5 writers do a great job of making each reading applicable to day-to-day life.

I use First 5 literally every day!

The best part about these apps is that you can use them in combination with each other: each has something to offer that the others don’t. So do what I do: keep all 3 in your iPhone arsenal, and choose which one you’d like to use depending on your needs that day. I promise, none of the 3 will leave you disappointed. After all, they all point us to Jesus, don’t they?


Author: Young and Joyful Blog

Writer, worshipper, college student, & coffee enthusiast livin' life for Jesus!

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